• Multicultural Understanding
  • Environmental Care
  • Serving for Humanity
  • Universal Values


GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy provides complete marketing, purchasing and consultancy services including market & source researches, customer & supplier communications, matchmaking and trade operations in international market. GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy serves to people who need to expand their business internationally, and companies who are eager to establish mutually beneficial cooperations in Turkish business market.

GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy has created target markets and customers that helped its clients to utilize from international market potentials by bringing additional revenues and by redounding their brand awareness. GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy also provided solutions for customers who are struggling with accessing to correct suppliers that will assist them to launch their products in a more competitive way into the market in terms of quality and price. GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy developed strategic plans and network systems that generate results for companies operating in medical, machinery, food and in many other industries and from different countries of the world including: Germany, India and Saudi Arabia. GNN Foreign Trade and Consultancy cooperates with its international partners with a background in market research, marketing & network management which affords their customers the most accurate solutions to their present needs.

GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy contributes to the local community by promoting products that are innovative, environmentaly friendly and sensitive to human health especially in medical industry. The company has been involved in projects that are intended for creating public awareness for such products that are designed to make the world a better place for all. With strong values in its belief that international trade is a spiritual practice (a dicipline of hardwork, time management and values) GNN Foreign Trade and Consultancy team work one-on-one with clients to deliver consultancy to attract clients or customers that are truly right for each business, thus affording their ultimate success. GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy strives to uphold these standards in all the services they deliver.


GNN Foreign Trade & Consultancy supports all of its clients who want to exist in international market in a professional manner.

  • Global Business Services (GBS)
  • Global Business Development (GBD)
  • International Project Management (IPM)
  • International Sourcing Management (ISM)
  • International Marketing Management (IMM)
  • International Business Consultancy (IBC)
  • Global Marketing Services (GMS)
  • Global Agency Services (GAS)
  • International Trading Services (ITS)


Contact Us

Head Office

Anadolu Cad. No:41 Kat:8
Megapol Tower
Bayrakli - Izmir - Turkey

+90 232 465 31 37
+90 532 468 78 08

Branch Offices

GNN Germany I.

Zöllnerstraße 17 99423
Weimar - Germany

GNN Germany II.

Hagenauer Str. 42 D-65203
Wiesbaden - Germany

GNN Ethiopia

Bole Sub City CMC Road PALM BLDG off #201
Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

GNN Saudi Arabia

P.O. Box 10540 Jeddah 21443
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

GNN Maccedoina

Nikola Tesla 34, 7000
Bitola - Maccedoina